Pop up restaurants

    Offering a unique approach to dinning is what Taiyō to Yuki does best. Our popup restaurants bring delicious food and life to interesting and beautiful locations around the Sunshine Coast.


    We have designed our catering menu to easily adapt to your specific needs and offer very competitive prices. Street food or dinner party settings for both private parties and corporate clients.

    Street events

    Taiyo’s street food is at the forefront of our food creations. Our menu has been developed with health and happiness in mind. Check out the calendar for all the latest street food events we are attending.

    Who & what is Taiyō to yuki

    Translated from Japanese, Taiyō to yuki means “Sunshine and Snow” and embodies the warmth and freshness we aim to bring to our food. Food is life, and more then just life sustaining but also life enriching in many ways.

    Bringing people together is a huge part of what we do… We love the basic tradition of eating healthy meals as a group, its what brings us all together.

    What's on the menu

    Our Cuisine

    We love the Japanese style of clean, well presented food, but we are more then just Japanese food. Our catering and events often has a variety of meals from around the world on the menu.

    Where can you find us

    Events, Pop Ups & More

    Follow us on facebook as we are always finding great places to share our food. We love running promotions and sharing awesome food ideas

    When can we eat

    Book Us Today

    Why wait for a celebration to have your family and friends over for an amazing backyard dinner party. We’d love to cater for your special gatherings but any excuse will do.

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